Friday, 30 November 2012

On a Friday night you've got to love your sofa.

Ok so it's Friday night.

It's been a bit of a week and all you want to do is collapse and forget the rest of the world for the evening. That is what your sofa is for.

According to Wikipedia the word sofa..."is from Turkish derived from the Arabic word suffa for 'carpet' or 'divan', originating in the Aramaic word sippa for 'mat". I guess that this is because people used to lie on carpets leaning on some kind of bolster. After a while this developed into the piece of furniture that most of us in the UK have in our living rooms.

I love my sofa, its a bit old and tired, the cushions are a bit squished and even after a good fluffing still don't come back to their proper shape. To be honest the covers need a bit of a clean but its comfy, familiar and it feels the perfect fit. Where better to chill out on a Friday evening with a glass of something alcoholic, a pizza and some action film. I might even treat myself to a piece of cheesecake as well.




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