Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Clearance

The Christmas clearance is well underway and if you haven't managed to get down to the sales yet you have probably missed the bargains that would make your trip worthwhile.

I watched with interest, tinged with disgust, at the pictures of the customers in a world famous London department store fight for entry and then clamour in what could only be described as a scrum for the bargains that were on offer. I wonder if many of these people actually went to the shop with the intention of buying that particular item. Or was it in fact the reduction of 50% that generated a frenzy in their mind that resulted in them buying something that they didn't want just because they believed that they were getting a bargain?

The chance of a bargain is not really the way I shop. I need to want something to buy it. I am very unlikely to buy something on the whim so these sales don't tempt me in at all. In fact usually in a clothes shop I am very unlikely to find anything in the sale in my size.

Because I am not a bargain hunter this I believe leaves me at a disadvantage when it comes to haggling. I would never go into a shop and pick up a £75 coat and haggle the shopkeeper to sell me it at a reduced price. Many do. Moreover many buy items at a lower price just because they have the nerve to ask. Now that does seem like a bargain. Maybe someone could give me lessons.


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