Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The First Snow of Winter

Last night a good friend of mine did the dance. The 'snow dance'. And it snowed.

It is well known that great respect is given in some cultures to ritualistic dancing that is designed to cause rain to fall. This was historically undertaken by North American tribes but is not exclusive to them and it survived into the 1900's in some Eastern European cultures.

My friend developed the snow dance a few years ago to increase the chances of a snow day and it was successful. Following this success it has become a bit of a joke and any snow that falls is likely to be attributed to the dance. Everyone likes a snow day as long as they don't have to drive anywhere. The snow dance helps to facilitate this.

The urban dictionary defines the snow dance as 'a ritual, often involving a dance of some sort, that is practiced with the idea of increasing the chance of significant snowfall. Often pertains to the desire for a snow day to occur. Frequently used jokingly, as a parody superstition. A: "I hope there's going to be a snow day tomorrow...". B: "Yeah, I'll be doing my snow dance."

A great definition.

This is a video of the Ute Indian Tribe performing a snow dance in Colorado. The snow on the mountains is proof the dance works isn't it? Maybe if everyone learnt my friends moves then we might wave enough for skiing.

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