Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Classic Game Shows

My blog a few days ago about the Darts got me thinking about those classic game shows that everyone used to tune into when TV was much younger. Bullseye was one of these classics. This was shown on ITV on Sunday evenings.

It involved amateur Darts players, in my humble opinion often very amateur, throwing arrows at various dart boards in an effort to win prizes. These prizes were usually items of household wares such as vacuum cleaners, heated trollies or dinner services. Then came the chance for the gamble, to reach a certain score (101 or more I think) with six darts, the non darts player to go first. If the score was reached then the jackpot prize was won, bizarrely a caravan or a speedboat, may be even a Rover car

In this same era was Catchphrase where contestants were given a bizarrely ICT created animation and had to use it to identify a well known saying. 'Say what you see...' This was quite fun as it gave the viewing public a chance to play along.

What about Child's Play with the late great Bob Monkhouse? In this game the contestants had to guess what little, sometimes pretty cute, kids were describing. Of course the descriptions and some of the children were all quite amusing, which made for compelling viewing!

This week I watched a whole episode of a game show that I've heard a few people talking about, Pointless. And it certainly lived up to its name, not a single speedboat in sight.


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