Friday, 18 January 2013

Sledding and Flopping

St Moritz sometime in the 1870's perhaps was when the recreational pastime known as sledding was invented. Since then the snow has brought out children and their families into the cold white stuff to slide on a piece of plastic, a tin tray or a more fancy wooden sled with metal runners.

Most people have some memories of flying down a hill on a sled. I have great memories of this when younger, zooming down a slope heading a breakneck speed for a lake at the bottom of the hill or the cattle trough, the only obstacle in the way.

The snow today gave me an opportunity to go out on the snow and to once again hurtle down a hill. The snow was a little fluffy for good sledding but after a few goes down the hill in the same place and the run quickly became compacted and became noticeably faster.

I did go down on my stomach, that added to the excitement but I have yet to flop. Flopping involves jumping on the sled and then setting off down the slope. I think I will leave that to someone slightly less middle aged.

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