Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tea Shoppe Cakes

Across our nation in every town sometimes located on the high street but often tucked away down a little side street are those tea shops that are so typically British. There are fewer of them than there were as they are out competed by the multinational coffee houses. However look more closely and you can find them.

The best place to find these tea shops is to visit a small touristy town. These towns are too small for the Starbucks and Costa companies so you can find quite a number of them.

It is likely that they are run by a family and depending on the establishment the tea will either be served in mugs or in china cups. If mugs then it is likely that you can order an all day breakfast, if china cups then cream teas will be on the menu. What all of these places have in common is the range of cakes that they will have on offer, usually balanced on the counter under plastic cloches.

Undoubtably in that selection you will discover delights such as Coffee and Walnut, St Clements, Chocolate Fudge, Victoria Sponge. Additionally you may find Millionaires Shortbread, Rocky Road Squares and Doughnuts.

A cup of tea at one of these restaurants demands a piece of cake. For me it Carrot, just as long as it is covered by lashings of cream cheese frosting.

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