Monday, 14 January 2013

Those weather men and women are soothsayers

Whoa there tiger. You really have to be impressed by the people at the Met Office. Over the last 24 hours they have seriously nailed the weather. They clearly said that there would be light snow affecting my region during the early hours of this morning. I awoke to a light covering of the white stuff on all surfaces.

Then it was forecast to clear up with heavier snow returning at lunchtime and remaining through the early afternoon. Well, again, they were spot on. The snow came and went just as predicted.

It seems in the run up to this snow event today that when, where and the exact nature of the precipitation was a tough beast to forecast and opinions changed throughout the last three days. However the final forecast hit the nail on the head.

It is testament to the clever scientists and analysts and all the monitoring tools and computer simulation software that on the most part the weather forecasts that are given to us a pretty much accurate.

Here's to them.

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