Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Beards, a real fashion statement

Roald Dahl wrote that men with beards were not to be trusted and that a beard is not easily cleaned. In the Twits he suggested that a non-bearded person can easily wipe their face when covered in food but not so for a person with a beard. A beard is not always easy to clean, food gets stuck in it, like a cornflake or a mouldy piece of cheese.

Well it seems that Mr Dahl's views are starting to become a little outdated. The beard is becoming a real fashion statement. Many of the male winners at the BAFTAs last Sunday night were sporting some kind of facial growth and the beard has been making its presence known more and more over the last year.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting that their are lots of men walking the Earth with beards as big as that worn by Brian Blessed, no not at all. The beards are often much more subtle, a half goatee or a chinstrap or just some designer stubble.

It appears that I might have just made a fashion trend. Not deliberately I might add, it was just a lucky coincidence. I first grew a beard when I had to dress up as a pirate about five years ago. I chose a beard to look like Captn Jack Sparrow, without the dangly bits, deciding to grow it rather than use the burnt end of a cork as I had done on many occasions as a child.

I immediately found that people liked my beard and on the occasion that I shaved it off I had many comments about how they thought my beard made me look, mostly positive, so I grew it back. It's now become part of me, I've got used to it.

And now it appears I'm fashionable as well, bonus.


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