Sunday, 10 February 2013

The wrong type of snow.

So tonight I'm at home watching the TV, Top Gear in fact. I was watching to see if Jeremy could actually beat a train from London to Milan in a Ford Mustang and then all of a sudden the picture started to break up and then my Sky HD box lost its satellite signal.


I did what you do. I switched off the box and counted for ten seconds then rebooted. The box came back online but there was still no signal. I had to go to plan B. I googled.


Apparently severe weather can affect the Sky. Ok it's snowing but not that bad. I went to have a look at the dish. The snow was blowing right at it and this wet snowy icy mix had built up on the dish. Right at that moment I knew what was needed. I grabbed a step ladder and a brush and stepped out into the blizzard.


I climbed gingerly to the top of the ladder and swept the snow off the dish.


Success it worked again.


Twenty minutes later the signal was lost.


I switched to terrestrial TV. Too cold out there.

1 comment:

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