Tuesday, 5 February 2013

There is always an episode of Simpsons

I have a theory that at anytime somewhere it the world an episode of the Simpsons will be on television. There can't be many people in the world who can't name Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, and many will be able to name quite a few other characters too.


Since it was first aired in 1989 five hundred and nineteen episodes have been broadcast. When you start to consider this it really is quite amazing. Each episode is 23 minutes long and on average it takes six months to make an episode. This is remarkable.

It starts to make you think about those programmes on TV that are still running, episode after episode after episode

Here's a few to consider:

Panorama 1953-present;

Blue Peter 1958-present;

Doctor Who 1963-present;

Top Gear 1977-present;

Casualty 1986-present;

This is only a short list and certainly not exhaustive. Casualty is an interesting one. Each episode has to stand alone with the trials and tribulations of the guest actors but alongside this the ongoing story lines continue to develop as new medical staff are introduced, leave or die. At times the writers mix things up and Holby casualty department experiences a disaster that helps to incorporate a set update or a major cast change. Your life expectancy as a member of the medical team is significantly lower than average.


You certainly have to admire the writing teams as they try to introduce yet a new unique story. Where do they get all their ideas from?

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