Friday, 8 March 2013

The Russian Revolution

Eight years ago I was very lucky to spend ten days in Russia with a remarkable group of people. We spent time in both St Petersburg and Moscow discovering Art and the political history as well as some very dapper goats!

Before I visited this amazing country I had not really understood the revolution that occurred that changed the country so fundamentally, the effects still being felt today.

On this day in history the Russian Revolution started in St Petersburg, then called Petrograd. The Russian people frustrated by the leadership of the czarist regime and the large number of casualties sustained in World War 1. Additionally the economy remained stagnant mainly due to the cost of the war effort.

So on March 8th 1917 the hungry people took to the streets demanding bread. An estimated 90,000 workers on strike clashed with the police and refused to go home. This day is officially the start of the Russian Revolution.

Three days later the army were ordered to quell the uprising and after some demonstrators were killed the troops started to question their orders. On March 12th the army defected and the imperial government were forced to resign. On March 15th, Nicholas II abdicated.

Eventually this led to the return from exile of Vladimir Lenin to take control of the Russian Revolution.

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