Thursday, 14 March 2013

There has to be a first time for everything

This evening was the first time I have ever painted my nails, well I might have done it before but I can't really ever remember doing it. The nail painting is for Comic Relief to go with my 80's costume which I feel overly excited about truth be told. Unfortunately an important meeting tomorrow prevents me donning my outfit from the outset but it should still get enough of an outing.

Truth be told I have always wanted an excuse to paint my nails. I think that painted nails provides a way for a person to express their individuality, and in my profession perhaps they don't really go with the suit and tie?

God, its hard, really hard. I thought painting your own nails would be quite an easy job. But now I know why nail bars are as popular as they are. How long does this stuff take to dry. I certainly underestimated the recommended drying time and smudged it all. Stupid stuff. I'm not that good with a paintbrush so giving me a tiny paintbrush and having to use my left hand, surely this can only end in disaster.

It will be worth it in the end, to supplement my eighties costume.

Prince Charming, pretty cool is nothing to be proud of....


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