Friday, 12 April 2013

Top Trump

Do you remember the old game of top trumps. When I was a kid I remember playing top trumps. I can't remember exactly which set of cards I had but I expect it was a set of racing cars or something equally aimed at young boys. Top Trumps was always a good card game it combines chance, the cards you hold in your hand and order you hold them and skill, knowledge of the cards and which card trumps which.

Well I am pleased to report that Top Trumps is alive and kicking. We have quite a few packs of the game and it is useful our family as a distraction in a restaurant whilst waiting for the food to arrive.

The issue is that I actually quite to win much to my children's disappointment. Recently we have played the Roald Dahl pack and bizarrely a new pack all about the residents of Sealife Centres.

My advice if you are trying to win is to study the cards. Know which card trumps another, be aware of the odds of a card winning over another, know the top trumps and concentrate on which cards your opponents hold.

Play to win.


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