Monday, 15 April 2013


As I write this news is coming in of a possible terrorist attack that according to current news reports has claimed the lives of two people and injured another twenty two. This event has has affected the Boston marathon.

It is probably too early for the authorities to claim a terrorist attack but the speculation suggests that it could be. If it is the attack was planned to occur at the finish at around the four hour mark. That time is the time when ordinary amateur marathon runners are just crossing the line.

These acts are unspeakable. Terrorist acts like this harm innocent people. People like you and me. They strike fear into ordinary people. They are indiscriminate. Obviously this is why they are terrorist acts. They strike without warning and are designed to make people fearful and to disrupt normal life.

What terrorists don't get is that countries like the USA and Britain do not give in to terrorism. The people of these nations grieve their dead and support the injured and console the loved ones. And then they get on with living just as they did before. They will not let these people beat them.

If this does turn out to be a terrorist attack it will concern those people organising Margaret Thatchers funeral and the London marathon. It won't stop the people being there and it won't stop those four hour runners from finishing the race.


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