Thursday, 11 April 2013

What do they actually do?

My car is a pretty important thing. Without it I couldn't get to work or pick up my children from school on time etc. I could of course use public transport but unfortunately that would add about 75 minutes to my journey time.

Today I had to take my car in for a service. This is one of those jobs which an expert does but you don't really know what they have actually done. They could have put my car in the workshop for 90 minutes and had a cup of tea, charging me £169 for the privilege.

I do get a little sheet back which tells me that key things like tyres, oil and battery are fine but who's to say that it wasn't made up. Anyway I can check my oil level and my windscreen washer level and my tyre tread, why does my car need a service to check these things?

I want to be able to pick up my car and it to drive better than when I took it in, otherwise I feels like I have wasted my money. Apparently my front pads are 50% worn. Big deal. Thanks for that.

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