Friday, 31 August 2012

A Mobile Car Park

Driving in Britain is not always the most enjoyable thing to do. There are now simply too many cars on the road.

Most people live within a few miles of a major trunk road and therefore live within a few miles of a potential traffic jam.

Today my journey took much longer than it should have done. In fact nearly 3 hours longer!! Ok it is Friday and traffic is always worse on Friday afternoons and evenings but today I think I was pretty unlucky.

My journey was blighted by multi car accidents, broken down vehicles, volume of traffic and the odd diversion for county and air shows.

Traffic jams on motorways are the most frustrating particularly if the motorway has speed restrictions that are designed to control the traffic. When you see that 40mph sign you know it is time to put on the handbrake.

What irritates me about traffic jams is you have to rely on the local traffic news to find out what is going on and how long you might be sitting in if for. These traffic reports rely on the general public phoning or texting in to the radio studio. They often have names such as poshbird, supertrucker of big Jim. Who knows how accurate these people are moreover are they texting whilst behind the wheel?

However the M25 is the strangest of roads where traffic congestion develops. Some of this road is now 5 or 6 lanes wide, yet it still gets blocked and at 8.40 in the evening!!

Eventually though the traffic eases and you will get to where you were going. The question is...'do you get there quicker if you stay in the same land of keep jumping from lane to lane?

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