Sunday, 25 November 2012

Going Forward (or not)

I remember a number of years ago being handed a piece of paper at the beginning of a meeting where the boss, now retired, was going to speak at length about something that was most probably important or not.

Upon looking at the piece of paper I could see that it was a bingo sheet, however instead of the numbers the boxes on the sheet were filled with management words and phrases, things like 'blue sky thinking' and 'working outside our comfort zone'. I joined in the game and was amused to find that most of these words or phrases were actually mentioned during the meeting.

Recently I have noticed a new phrase that seems to have crept into the everyday language, especially when people are explaining a new idea or concept.

This phrase really annoys me and I am hearing it everywhere, at work, on the radio, on the TV and in general conversation. That phrase is, going forward. Damn just writing it here on my blog annoys me. I don't even really understand what it means, I guess it means from this day on?

Whatever! All I know is that in any context that I hear that phrase I switch off.

Going forward I wish people wouldn't use it..

Please join me in a campaign to stop its use.

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