Monday, 26 November 2012

Senior Moment

Uh oh, I think I really am middle aged. I had an extraordinary senior moment today that might signify I am moving into the second era of my life. For those who are not in the know a senior moment is an example where a persons mind goes a little blank: for instance they may walk into a room and forget why they walked in; they may lose their keys and then find them in their pocket; they may continually mix up their children's names.

The above are all good examples and I guess everyone has their odd little senior moment but as you get older they become more frequent...

Today I had to go into London. When I left to catch the train home I had to rush to make my train. I got to the barriers at the station and put my ticket in. The machine spat it back out at me in indignation, apparently I was to "Seek Assistance". I did what any normal person would do, I put it into the machine again. Again it spat it back out at me, the screen displaying he message. I wiped the magnetic strip and tried for a third time, an annoyed huff audible from the person behind. Again the same result.

No good, it was time to talk with the ticket persons. I approached a gaggle of them and interrupted their conversation. "Excuse me", I said, "my ticket is not working." I was expecting them to reply that I had an off peak ticket and that I was now travelling in peak time. The guys looked at me and in unison all replied, "That's your outbound ticket mate, you need your return ticket."

What a muppet. I tell you it was like travelling on a train with the Chuckle Brothers. I picked up my dignity and thanked them, I could tell they were thinking I was a bit simple. I inserted my return ticket and walked through the barrier, without looking back, casually to the train...

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