Friday, 21 December 2012

Is everyone ok?

So 11.11 GMT, the winter solstice, passed us by this morning and the majority of the world population just went about their normal business and nothing of interest happened. Some people may have been watching their clocks waiting with bated breath for something big to happen, may be loved ones held hands and waited for the end to occur.

Surprise, surprise it didn't. The most exciting news event in England today was a line side fire near Paddington Station, London that caused disruption for people travelling to Heathrow. Although frustrating and incredibly inconvenient for people attempting to journey to the airport in time to catch a plane it was hardly the end of the world.

No meteorite, no rogue planet, no nuclear war, no super-volcano, no reversal of the Earth's poles. The Mayans got it wrong - what a surprise!! Actually I'm not sure that the Mayans ever claimed that the world would end, it was just the interpretation of some other people.

I would like to hear the excuses of those people who claimed the end of days was upon us. Why didn't it happen? Where is your credibility now? At least all those Christmas presents won't go to waste.


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