Sunday, 23 December 2012

Strictly Come Hunger Games

So last night saw at long last the finale of Strictly Come Dancing. Now into its 10th series I think finally the celebrity was crowned and through all the tears, celebrations and Brucie's bossiness the glitter ball was handed over.

Apparently it was the toughest final ever and the celebrities who put themselves through literally months of gruelling training all 'did themselves proud.'

This Saturday night formula show has certainly been popular with an average of 10.7 million people tuning in to see the show, although this was slightly down on the 10.9 million of last year. I think these shows have had their day. As soon as the formula is obvious then it should cease. This year the celebrities were chosen to fill certain niches: the popstar; the old one; the model past her time; the overweight one; the one for the younger audience; the one with 'the guns'. Each year the show fundamentally doesn't change and if it was shown in the future on an obscure Freeview channel you would struggle to know which series it was.

All of these shows are similar, just more of the same, X Factor, Dancing on Ice, I'm a Celebrity... It's time that the TV executives of our fine country came up with something new, something different.

Whilst they are considering that my friends and I have been discussing some ideas that I would like to pitch to considerably increase the excitement factor for the inevitable next series of strictly. It is a fusion show linking the original Strictly format with the fantasy story of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

In the first rounds the dancers have to dance on a dance floor that includes areas, unknown to them, that contain electric shocks. At the behest of the 'dancemakers' these areas can be turned on to give the dancers a shock. In later rounds the dance floor could tilt and spikes could come out of the floor in the style of Flash Gordon or perhaps the introduction of some spitting cobras to the dance floor, or a lion? A dance off would involve the couples dancing their routines at the same time whilst trying to disable each other with gladiatorial arms. In the finale the so called 'show dance' could be performed whilst free falling from a plane.

This would certainly add a new element...I would watch.

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