Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday Night TV

Are you one of those people that remember when there were only three TV channels? These were the days when Newsround was presented by John Craven, the days before EastEnders and the days when children swapped their unwanted toys on Saturday morning TV rather than selling them on eBay.

I recall the day when Channel 4 was launched and a few episodes of the BBC soap Eldorado...although I have tried hard to remove those memories from my brain.

I turned on the TV tonight and at first glance it might have looked that nothing had really changed, for instance on BBC1, A Question of Sport, different team captains and host but essentially the same format. I never really liked A Question of Sport when I was young so...I turned over.

Turning over now is not as easy as it once was. I now have a choice of more than one hundred channels. This means that there will always be something on that I will watch. Mostly likely it is a repeat of something I have watched numerous times before.

But tonight, this Friday night, I literally couldn't find anything I wanted to watch so I turned the TV off.

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