Sunday, 13 January 2013

My laptop is not as good as it used to be!

Laptops, they are most useful things. They allow you to access Facebook, shop online, check the weather, find the best insurance quote and sort out your photos. You may even be reading Ed Vogue's musings on one right now.

Laptops are also the workhorses of the modern day office worker. It is from the laptop that important documents get written, spreadsheets completed and emails sent. The laptop allows work to continue on a train, on a plane and at home on a sofa late into the evening. In this way they could be considered an unhelpful hindrance to the modern workers work life balance.

Whatever, the laptop is an essential piece of kit and protecting the mobile PC requires an up to date virus checker. For some reason there are individuals out there in to world that delight in causing the operating system to boot up incorrectly or important files (of no interest to the computer virus developer) to begin to delete themselves. To prevent these type of occurrences happening the antiviral software is key.

I find my current operating system and my virus checker frustrating. To deal with the ever evolving threat it appears that each time I boot up my computer it requires either an OS security update or a new virus definitions update. These both require a reboot once loaded so before I can begin work I have to reset my laptop and wait for it to switch on again. More often than not the antivirus program will then start to scan my C:drive which is likely to take many minutes reducing the speed of my computer to something akin to the ZX81.

I have also noticed that as the weeks go on my laptop becomes slower. How can this be. Ok, I accept it may have more files on it but I have checked that the disk is not fragmented and have deleted any unwanted files but fundamentally I am only asking it to do what I have always done. So why is it becoming more and more useless.

I am convinced, although I have no proof, that the updates are responsible. Each little update that occurs is designed to slow down my processor until at last I insist that I purchase a new laptop, a faster speedier design - making a profit for the computer manufacturers and their software friends.

Well I'm making a stand. I'm going to keep using my frustratingly slow laptop until all my work can be done on my tablet - then I will say goodbye to it forever.


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