Monday, 28 January 2013

Talking to yourself? Is that a sign of going crazy?

I remember as a University student one of my Biochemistry professors being disturbed that he talked to his computer. He was late in years and the desktop computer was quite a new invention. He had obviously had to get used to using this new technology and in many ways it flummoxed him.

Flummoxed, what a great word, its not one that I use very often, perhaps I should make an effort to use it more often? I might make it the word of the week. Apparently its a fairly modern word probably of English origin dating from the mid Victorian era. Anyway I digress, back to the blog.

As I indicated my professor was bewildered by the box that sat on his desk and he found himself talking to it, trying to coax it along. He was most aware of this as he used to remark that it was pointless trying to talk to an inanimate object.

I find that I talk to objects like computers quite a bit, encouraging them along as though they can hear me. Things like, "Come on baby, you can start up, come on, I've got lots to do, I need you." I'm not really sure of the benefit of this talk. I guess it just helps me contain the frustration of how long it takes to start up. I found myself talking to an iPad today as I tried to sort out a problem with a subscribed calendar, willing it to work.

I talk to my car all the time. My daughter named it Scarlett, its red, I think Scarlett O' Cara is quite a good name. I don't refer to my car by its name but I do talk to her. She doesn't answer back but I can sense that she cares.

However I do have one piece of technology that does answer me back and talking to it is not that mad, my phone. Siri listens and answers me. Usually he doesn't understand but at least it's good to get a little feedback.

I admit that I talk to myself quite a bit. Especially when I need to motivate or reassure myself. I understand that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. In that case I'm going mad. I had better ask my phone for directions to the nearest hospital.


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