Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What's left in your cupboard?

The festive season is over and Breakfast News was discussing the merits of different diets whilst many of the nation stirred themselves for an early start as they returned to work after the excesses of the holiday season.

It's miserable to go back to work after the New Year. After the parties, alcohol and good food it is easy to forget that the mornings are dark, damp and chilly as are the evenings when one returns home.

Everywhere you go are adverts proclaiming the importance of dieting, news articles that warn about the dangers of obesity and gyms offering January membership deals.

All of us have good intentions to start the year healthily, to eat less fat, sugar and processed food, to exercise. Some people even detox, whatever that actually means.

The trouble with all of these good intentions is that they are easily scuppered by what lies in the kitchen cupboards...

Inevitably in the run up to Christmas to be absolutely sure that every guest was catered for a number of snacks were purchased. You know the ones I mean: tubs of crisps that once popped you can't stop, packets of dry roasted nuts; tins of sweets (what's your favourite?); fizzy drinks; boxes of chocolate biscuits. Additionally the fridge is still full of various alcohol enhanced double cream, brandy butter and the remains of a number of desserts.

To me it seems hateful to just dispose of these items in the bin. They need to be consumed. Those prawn cocktail flavoured crisps are calling my name. I intend to eat healthily but only once all those snacks have been devoured.

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