Thursday, 24 January 2013

Where does all the recycling come from?

Do any of you remember the days before recycling? Where all the rubbish whatever colour went into the same bin? Nowadays the packaging of all our items has to be cleaned, sorted and then disposed in the appropriate bin.

In my area we have three bins which makes it pretty easy to dispose of things.

The first is the black bin. It is for the general household waste, general stuff. The second is the brown bin. This bin will take organic kitchen waste including vegetables, peelings and plate scrapings. The brown bin also takes compostable garden waste and cardboard. Lastly the blue bin, this takes all forms of plastic, glass and metal; an insert in this bin also takes waste paper and junk mail.

Not too difficult to be honest, the only problem is remembering which bin is to be collected which week.

My problem with the recycling is how quickly it builds up. In my house the recycling is stored in the cupboard under the sink. I use the term stored very loosely. It is more shoved under the sink to accumulate. Eventually there is so much recycling in the cupboard every time it is opened it spills out onto the kitchen floor. It is only then that the recycling is sorted and placed in the appropriate bins outside.

But, without exception, as soon as the recycling has been put out and I mean within less than a minute a new piece of recycling is already in the cupboard. Where does it all come from?

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