Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dem bones

The Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London is an amazing place. The building is beautiful, with its bricks of different colours, huge windows and interesting gargoyles shaped like. Actually I'm not sure if they are gargoyles because I believe a gargoyle acts as a water spout to remove water from the roof.

It is just as beautiful inside with Dippy the diplodocus dominating the amazing entrance hall and the large sweeping staircase carrying. visitors to the upstairs galleries to reveal all the delights that the natural world has to offer.

However, as with all good things there are inevitably cracks and the Natural History Museum suffers, in my opinion, because of its most famous exhibit, the dinosaurs.

It is week known for the dinosaurs. Many people, maybe the majority, come to see the dinosaurs. I heard one man call it the dinosaur museum today. Crowds flock to this gallery and it becomes busy, even on a cold February Sunday. So busy in fact that the line moves at a snails pace. You can't feel you can stop and take a picture and the hands on exhibits are hard to get close too.

It just shows what an amazing appeal dinosaurs have that we can be attracted to such a load of old bones. It's also a little sad as the museum is so much more than the dinosaur gallery with its animatronic T-Rex, which incidentally is missing the tip of its polystyrene tail.

My favourite bit of all in the Human Biology gallery. Why I hear you ask? Well because my soon to be 10 year old daughter is now too embarrassed to go in there and she went red when I asked her why...brilliant!


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