Monday, 25 February 2013

Inappropriate behaviour

Just over the last few days there seems to be a new buzz phrase that is turning up in the news. The phrase 'inappropriate behaviour'. This has Ben used in the context of a senior priest and also a chairperson of a political party.


I of course will not name names or point the finger, it is not my place, I don't have any of the facts about the two cases except what I have heard on the news and therefore it would be inappropriate. Although I should point out that both parties have strongly denied any accusations.


As a casual observer, what I find interesting is that in both of these cases involve inappropriate behaviour over 20 years ago. Is it just a strange coincidence that both stories broke at the same time? Why have these allegations been made now?


As the story goes along more and more details are emerging with different people defending what they did or did not know.


I'm sure that enquiries will be started to investigate the 'indirect nonspecific complaints.'


The truth will out.

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