Friday, 8 February 2013

When the travel Gods are against you.

The Romans had the right idea. They had lots of gods. Gods for everything. If something went wrong or they wanted to prevent a problem some praying to that particular god made it better.

I obviously failed to pray to the travel God today.

I'm writing this entry today sitting in the waiting room of a station waiting for a train into the big smoke to meet a group of my old friends. Due to the flexibility of their various professions they have been together since lunchtime drinking and eating and catching up. Unfortunately my job doesn't allow me that luxury (although many would assume wrongly that it does). So inevitably I was playing catch up. That was fine.

So I wrapped up an important meeting as quickly as I could, jumped in the car, drove out of work straight into a traffic jam. The journey to the train station should have taken just 15mins at most, instead more like 50mins!!!

I arrive at the station buy a ticket (at a ridiculous price) and rush to the platform. It appears that I have just missed a train and the next is running late.

By the time I get to my destination all my friends would have left!!

Dinner for one then.

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