Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is nearly here and the ritual of buying and giving Easter Eggs will be upon us all too soon. I love an Easter Egg. Even the cheapest chocolate tastes better when it is packaged up as an egg. The trouble with them is that they are just so yummy. You also eat quite a lot of chocolate with out really thinking about it. The shells look so thin and before you know it you have eaten the entire thing and started on the bag of chocolate buttons.

When you have kids the amount of eggs that builds up is quite unbelievable. The packaging needs its own recycle bin. And if rationed they would never be eaten before the use by date.

This year the plan must be just to stuff them down all in one to get them gone, to get them eaten. The kids will then need to do about three months exercise to ensure that they burn off all those calories that they have put on.

Of course the smart thing to do is to buy the Easter Eggs on Easter Monday, usually from the local small supermarket. They invariably have surplus stock and this means that the eggs are half price, a real bargain to be had.

It's just a shame Woolworths doesn't exist anymore. This was THE place to buy the festive chocolate egg.


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