Thursday, 7 March 2013

How many chefs can really be the master?

I just watched an advert for the new series of Masterchef to be broadcast over the next few months. The format of the show since its rebrand has been quite successful and is much more fast paced and involving than the old days with Loyd Grossman.

However, I wonder if it has now run its course (or maybe three courses) and this series bite prove to be one mouthful too much.

It is the sort of show that you have to really engage in if you want to follow 'the journey' of these amateur cooks as they transform themselves through the 'toughest tests yet' into chefs. They will have to cook outside the box, cook in difficult situations, make tough choices and eventually cook at the highest standards for the most celebrated chefs in the country. The judges will have tough choices and won't be able to make a call as it is so close but eventually they will and a winner will be chosen.

One chef might even dare to cook a chocolate fondant. Now that is risky.

Of course Masterchef is not the only programme that rolls out the same thing each year, take The Apprentice. A brilliant idea. Find some people who want to apply for a fantastic job and put them through the toughest interview of their lives. Then at the end hire someone. The trouble...the hiring. If you run this series each year then each year you have to hire someone into the top echelons of the company, and what if there is no real job for them? Maybe that leads to acrimony and a legal case to be fought?

The secret of good TV is to be creative and to give up before it gets old.

"I'm a bored TV viewer get me out of here"

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