Monday, 18 March 2013

The School Disco

Do you remember those school discos? The school hall, plastic glasses of squash and cheap crisps, like the ones you used to get on trips to France to accompany the stale cheese baguette sandwich.


Having two children at primary school I would like to confirm that they are very much alive and kicking and to be honest nothing much has changed.


The younger kids still run around after each other with the boys chasing across the dance floor. The cool kids hang by the back door where they can chill in the cooling breeze. The girls giggle together and talk of fancying the boys.

Everyone dances to the birdie song or the primary school equivalent; Bob the Builder.

The room was hot and the kids were sweaty and it had that slight aroma of mouldy feet.

Just outside the dance floor were two young lads. One asked the other why he was outside. He replied that he was tired. The other lad complained about his 'blimming' headache.

I just wanted to say, "it's really because you both don't have dates


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