Monday, 8 April 2013

Checking in sir..?

I've had the opportunity to stay in a few different hotels recently and they have really varied in quality. Of course it depends upon the price you pay, this determines the quality of the bed linen and furniture but quite often for me anyway its the little things that matter.

I quite like the little bottles of shampoo and the complimentary WIFI. I like a bath and a shower in the room and I like the fact that there is a small packet of biscuits to be munched with my complimentary cup of tea.

If any of the above are missing then I am a little disappointed.

Service is also important. I would like to be welcomed by a smiling person on the reception desk. I don't want to have to ring a bell or phone a pager from a phone left conveniently on the reception counter. I want to be greeted nicely, not falsely, and to be told the important information regarding the location of my room and the timing of breakfast.

However, one of my favourite things about saying in a hotel room is looking for the Gideon Bible. This is usually found in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet on the left side of the bed. I'm going to look for it right now...

And here it is exactly as predicted. These Gideons are a pretty efficient group. Whatever hotel I stay in the bible is ever present.

You know the only other time I have ever heard of the Gideons was when they came to my primary school and handed out to every student a small red bible.

I wonder if anyone ever reads them or if they are just there in case someone has forgotten their Richard and Judy summer holiday read...careless...the word of The Lord will have to do instead.


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