Monday, 22 April 2013

Look to the sky and make a wish

Every year in April the orbit of the Earth mean that it travels through a cluster of dust particles that results it what can be a truly epic meteor shower. This meteor shower is named the Lyrid meteors.

The shooting stars can be found radiating from the constellation known as Lyra. These particular meteors can be pretty impressive, often bright and with pretty impressive tails. The shower first started 6 days ago and are currently at their peak. Last night and tonight would be a good time to have a look.

Unfortunately as is often the case on our fair island the weather is not conducive to sky watching. The cloud has moved up in to totally spoil the view.

If the clouds break then here are a few tips to help you spot a shooting star;

  • You need a dark sky, so keep away from city lights
  • Make sure you are looking at the right time
  • If you are watching in a rural place make sure that you are warm and safe

If the clouds continue to fill the sky, then there are plenty of other meteor showers this year. So go take a look and make a wish...

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