Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What makes a good breakfast?

What is your ideal breakfast?

In the last few days I have sampled a few different breakfasts, a bacon panini, a traditional home cooked breakfast, eggs benedict, an egg and bacon McMuffin, and cereal with toast followed by fruit. I have to admit that my favourite out of all of these was the cooked breakfast, closely followed by the eggs benedict.

It's funny because in a normal working week I tend not to take much notice to breakfast. With my normal schedule of getting out of the house at 7.15 it is the meal that I'm most likely to skip. When I do eat it I'm likely to eat it standing up.

When I have the time it is a meal that I really enjoy. I would never bother to cook a full english breakfast at home its just too much bother and annoyingly creates a lot of washing up. It's also a meal that I would not normally go out to eat. So only when staying in hotels or B and B's am I likely to eat such niceties.

My favourite is the hotel buffet breakfast. This is the one where you can select from a wide range of hot and cold tasty morsels. Cereal followed by fruit followed by a cooked breakfast (hopefully including black pudding) followed by toast, washed down with fruit juice and tea. Even better if it has one of those toasters that sends the bread down the equivalent of Dantes' conveyor belt, I love watching the bread make that journey, finally dropping out in either a slightly dry state or charred to the inch of its life.


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